Over 50 Years of Support

The New Mexico Parents of Multiples (NMPOM) formerly known as the Albuquerque Mothers of Twins Club (AMOTC) was founded 1959. We are an affiliate of the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, Inc., (NOMOTC) . Membership is open to all current and expectant families of multiple births.

Our goal is to provide support for parents of multiples and to educate our members about the many issues related to multiples.

We are dedicated to participation in research-related opportunities and to providing social and recreational opportunities for our members and their families.

Supporting Parents of Multiples
NMPOM is a support group that offers information, advice and camaraderie for women with multiples or expecting multiples. Together we celebrate the joys and understand the challenges that are unique to raising multiples. We enjoy each others company at informational monthly meetings as well as a variety of family and social events throughout the year.

Welcome to the New Mexico Parents of Multiples formerly known as the Albuquerque Mothers of Twins Club

The New Mexico Parents of Multiples (NMPOM) is a non-profit organization committed to mutual support and education for parents, guardians and primary caregivers of multiples and their families. At NMPOM we exchange ideas and provide support, understanding, and friendship with other parents who are aware of the unique experience of raising multiples. We are open to all parents and guardians of multiple birth children. We are located in the serene city of Albuquerque, New Mexico and serve the surrounding communities throughout our state.

We meet once a month and offer a “support group” for parents of multiples. Besides providing this valuable exchange of ideas, NMPOM also sponsors clothing, equipment, and toy sales. We also host various social functions and have an active Facebook group. In addition, we offer a mentorship program, meal train for new parents, and scholarships for multiples in elementary school and beyond.

Please note that, due to Covid-19, we have made some adjustments to our programming. Our meetings and social activities are currently virtual and/or socially distanced to protect the health of our members and their families. During this difficult time, families need more support than ever; we are honored to be able to provide it to our members.

For more information on membership options, please contact the Membership Committee.

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