Support Us

New Mexico Parents of Multiples is a non-profit organization committed to providing support services and education for families with multiples. Some ways in which we support them include:

  • Hosting social and educational events
  • Donating free memberships, food, clothes and toys to families of multiples in need
  • Holding a semi-annual garage sale where community members can purchase baby and children’s items at affordable prices
  • Providing scholarships to families of multiples
  • Delivering gift bags to NICU families

If you would like to support NMPOM, you can:

Donate: PayPal donations can be sent to Or you can mail a check to: NMPOM, P.O. Box 91766, Albuquerque, NM 87199. All donations are tax deductible.

Use Smith’s Inspiring Donations Program: If you shop at Smith’s, please take a minute to link your rewards card to their Inspiring Donations Program so that NMPOM will receive a donation whenever you shop. Signing-up is free and easy. Go to, sign-in to your account or choose “Create an Account.” Once you’re logged-in, select “I’m a customer,” and then search for New Mexico Parents of Multiples either by name or code (XB214) and then click Enroll.

 Use AmazonSmile: If you sign-up for AmazonSmile, a portion of every purchase you make will support NMPOM. To register, go to  and search for New Mexico Parents of Multiples. If you shop on the Amazon app, make sure to set it to AmazonSmile by going to “Settings” (the three lines) then selecting AmazonSmile and following the directions.

 Sponsor the Club: NMPOM is looking to establish or renew sponsorships. This is a great opportunity for your business to gain exposure and publicity while lending a helping hand! For a list of sponsorship benefits and instructions for how to become a sponsor, please review this form.



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